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Macbook Pros are powerful laptops that will increase productivity by many folds. It can be complicated to use, particularly if you are used to a Windows-based environment. We’ve compiled 10 tips to help you get familiar with the sleek block of aluminium. You’ll first want to get familiar with the massive trackpad that is smooth and easy to use. The MacBook Pro’s trackpad feels different than other laptops because it is large.

Multi-touch is now in action. Hover your mouse over any object that is not clickable on the article. (Try whitespace.) Bring your index and thumb together while touching the trackpad. Then expand, just as you would on a smartphone. Siri is a virtual assistant who can answer MacBook price in Srilanka questions, and perform some tasks, for users. Siri was first introduced on the iPhone, but now it’s available for iPad and all other Apple products including Mac.

When you use the Windows keyboard to remove a character by pressing the Delete button, the normal procedure is to place the cursor on the character to be deleted and then press the key. On a MacBook Pro, the cursor would move left if that was what you were doing. Even worse, the character to the left will be removed if it is located near the cursor.

It sounds counterintuitive right? If you are used to Windows, then yes. Press fn+Delete to achieve the same result as a Windows Delete Key. After you’ve gotten used to it, the counterintuitiveness will disappear. Windows’ right-click feature is incredibly useful. It allows you to open context menus with the options you require at any given moment. This functionality is not available on the MacBook Pro by default. If you right-tap the trackpad, nothing happens.

But don’t worry. It’s easy to do the Mac equivalent of right-click. You may remember the two-finger tap we showed you before. If you use a single tap, it will have the same result as clicking on your right mouse button. You can try it. While the cursor hovers over this article, tap with just two fingers. As soon as you make the gesture, a contextual menu should appear.

We’ve focused on what you can see. We’ll move to another part of the unibody on your MacBook Pro. Take a look at the sides, and in particular that oddly-shaped power plug. Apple did not shape the jack so that it looked like Thunderbolt Port next to it. IT IS a Thunderbolt port. The two ports are identical.

Images are usually stored on the desktop. If you use a screen capture tool such as Snagit to take screenshots, they will be usually pasted on your desktop. See my detailed article on OS X keyboard shortcuts.

A Thunderbolt power port can be useful, particularly if you are using the 13-inch MacBook Pro which has only two Thunderbolt ports. Let’s take the example of recording audio using an external microphone AND having an external monitor to view — your script, for instance — and ALSO using the primary screen to display an app.

You can do this with a MacBook Pro 13″ by temporarily disconnecting the power cord. Plug one device into the port in place of it, and plug in the second in the opposite. MacBook Pros are equipped with a long-lasting battery, which allows you to do a great deal of work without plugging in the MBP.

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